Troubleshoot a Franklin Submersible Pump That Does Not Start



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Submersible Pump System Trouble Shooting

We offer this advice assuming that you have the working knowledge of the tools necessary to safely perform these tests.


Motor Does Not Start

Possible Cause Checking Procedures Corrective Action
No power or incorrect voltage.
Check voltage at line terminals. The voltage must be ± 10% of rated voltage.
Contact power company if voltage is incorrect.
Fuses blown or circuit breakers tripped
Check fuses for the recommended size and check for loose, dirty or corroded connections in fuse receptacle. Check for tripped circuit breakers.
Replace with proper fuse or reset circuit breakers.
Defective pressure switch.
Check voltage at contact points. Improper contact of switch points can cause voltage less than line voltage.
Replace pressure switch or clean points.
Control box malfunction.
For detailed procedure, see pages 44 and 45.
Repair or replace.
Defective wiring.
Check for loose or corroded connections or defective wiring.
Correct faulty wiring or connections.
Bound pump.
Check for misalignment between pump and motor or a sand bound pump. Amp readings will be 3 to 6 times higher than normal until the overload trips.
Pull pump and correct problem. Run new installation until the water clears.
Defective cable or motor.
For detailed procedure, see pages 42 & 45.
Repair or replace.
Motor Starts Too Often
Pressure switch.
Check setting on pressure switch and examine for defects.
Reset limit or replace switch.
Check valve - stuck open.
Damaged or defective check valve will not hold pressure.
Replace if defective.
Waterlogged tank.
Check air charge.
Repair or replace.
Leak in system.
Check system for leaks.
Replace damaged pipes or repair leaks.

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