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Geothermal Heating And Cooling

Warm buildings from cold water

It can be difficult understanding how to get heat from cold water. Consider this: if you have a pot of water that is 40 degrees farenheit and you want it to be 50 degrees you need to heat it somehow. There is more energy in 50 degree water than in 40 degree water.

In New England, much of our ground water is 50 degrees. Through heat pump technologies very similar to refrigeration (where heat is removed from the refrigerator to coils behind or beneath it), the energy harvested is captured as either warm air or warm water. Water (or other liquids) is returned to the underground environment at a lower temperature to be "reheated" by the bedrock, subsurface waters and soils back to 50 degrees.

Geothermal heating is like buying home heating oil for $1.50 gallon

The process is driven by electrical pumps but this is not electrical resistance heating. The bulk of the energy is essentially solar energy that is stored underground. Most geothermal climate control systems can function as very efficient, liquid-cooled air conditioning systems as well.

Geothermal is a clean technology

heatpump200w.jpgSimply put, there is no combustion at your building. The heat pump peacefully harvests energy without creating emissions.

We have a geothermal climate control system at our building in Northwood, NH

We have a standing-column, water-to-water geothermal heating and cooling system at our facility on Route 4 in Northwood, NH. The system is split into in-floor radiant heat and forced hot (or cool) air distribution. If you wish to view the system, call 1-800-729-0388 for an appointment.

Here's what we can do for you

  • Install a suitable pumping system for a standing-column geothermal heating and cooling system
  • Evaluate your existing drinking water well for suitability
  • Coordinate with a competant HVAC contractor to evaluate your heating and cooling needs
  • Coordinate with well drilling firms and excavation firms to facilitate a complete installation


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